A Little Something About Us

How Everything Started

Marindex Ltd started operating in this line of business in the year 2007. The idea evolved from the already existing Jewellery business which is managed by the same company after award related products were being requested by customers very often. After contacting several companies abroad, Marindex has shipped the first batch of products to Malta. Since the company already had the premises and necessary items to start selling it didn't take long for the business to kick off. Considering our already existing good reputation with customers in the jewellery business it did not take long for the new trophy business to start making a name for itself.

Who We Are Today!

Today Marindex Trophies is one of the leading companies in this sector where it has a shop and a number of stores in Zejtun. Being in contact with a large number of international companies that supply us with their latest products continouosly makes it easier to attract customers with a variety of needs and budgets. Nowadays Marindex also offers several services such as Waterjet Cutting, CNC Routing and Laser Engraving by which it tries to extend the business in different sectors such as glass cutting, marble work and metal cutting. Today Marindex is also able to create 100% personalised trophies for the customers were it uses several technologies that are found within the company itself.

And What Happens Next

The main objective for Marindex will always be to attract more customers and to continue to build the good reputation it has today. We will continue dealing with our wholesalers to buy the best quality trophies with the lowest price possible so that our customers will always find products that suit their budget. We will also continue to look out for new companies with new ideas and models to bring the latest products to the Maltese market. As a company we will always be looking for new technologies that create satisfactory work for our customers and we also keep on expanding different sectors that are not directly related to the trophy industry.

Mario James - Marindex Ltd. Founder

Nowadays Mario holds mostly a managerial position where he manages the company expenses and budget. His objective is to teach his own children how to manage his company so that he can continue seeing it flourish even after his retirement after a long life of hard work. He aims for the company to continue to grow in its business sector by being able to satisfy already existing and also potential customers in their needs.

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

Mario James

Ronald James - Company Director

Ronald James

In his role at Marindex, Ronald is in charge of buying all the necessary stock from the international market and also looking to engage in business with other companies. This ensures that Marindex is always up to date with the latest trends in the trophy sector thus being able to satisfy the needs of the Maltese buyer. Nowadays he is also in charge of managing all the machines and technologies that are used within the company.

Chase the vision, not the money, the money will end up following you.

Warren James - Company Director

Warren’s main role is to take care of the stock by inputting and outputting all the products bought or sold. He is also in charge to notify Ronald when new products need to be purchased according to stock remaining and what products are most popular with the customers. Warren is also involved in the sales of the company by dealing with potential and recurring customers.

Every day that we spent not improving our products was a wasted day.

Warren James

Clayton James - Software Developer

Clayton James

At Marindex his main role is to manage all the IT related matters including developing and maintaining the website and solving machine and computer issues that might arise. His role also consists of designing all promotional adverts and logos which are used to promote the company. Nowadays Clayton is also introducing himself into the financial area of the business to be able to take over his father’s role in the future.

There is no elevator to success you have to take the stairs.